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Christo Kasabov is an American-Bulgarian artist who currently divides his time between Toronto and Berlin.  Kasabov is an abstract expressionist (with an attachment to the figure) who could be described as intensely grounded in exploring the relationships between the conscious and unconscious or one's inner versus external 'realities'. His ideas integrate the heritage of ancient civilizations, real and imagined, drawing from reliefs, writings, signs, symbols, engravings in earth, stone objects and walls, and creating a new iconography of forms and textures that effortlessly cuts through the routine and the everyday.  Employing oil and acrylic, collage (as an element), wood & metal findings and household objects, Kasabov creates a primal language, enriching his abstract compositions with a fully-formed sensibility and a sure grasp of composition, and always striving to represent his grasp of both the material and non material aspects of human existence.  These paintings speak with their own sure voice, and offer up a kind of visual rationality that the artist has wrenched from that eternal wellspring of creative energy we call chaos.  What's remarkable is how light and even cheery the work can come across.  



Solo Exhibitions

2016 Art Gallery Claude Maurer, Montreal, PQ
2016 Phyllis Lucas Gallery New York, NY 
2014 Phyllis Lucas Gallery New York, NY
2012 Phyllis Lucas Gallery New York, NY
2011 Phyllis Lucas Gallery New York, NY 
2010 Phyllis Lucas Gallery New York, NY 
2008 Jain Marunouchi Gallery New York, NY 
2005 Washington Art Association Washington Depot, CT
2004 BOSI Contemporary Fine Art Rome, Italy 
2003 Marie Louise Trichet Gallery Litchfield, CT
1999 Consulate General of Bulgaria New York, NY
1998 Say Gallery New York, NY 
1998 Metta Art Gallery Madrid, Spain 
1997 Alpha Delta Art Athens, Greece 
1997 Art Place Burgas, Bulgaria 
1996 Union of Bulgarian Artists Art Salon Burgas, Bulgaria 
1996 Art Gallery-27 London, UK 
1994 Bulgarian Cultural Center Berlin, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 Bulgarian Arts Festival, Papermill Gallery Todmorden Mills, ON 

2011/12 Engine Art Gallery Toronto, ON 

2011-14 Gallery 133 Toronto, ON 
2007 Energy Gallery Spring Salon Toronto, ON 

2007 Viridian Artists Gallery New York, NY 
2006 Energy Gallery Toronto, ON 
2006 Bulgarian Art Biennale Burgas, Bulgaria 
2004 Maniero Gallery Rome, Italy 
2002 Marella Arte Contemporanea Milan, Italy 
1999 Howrs Gallery New York, NY 
1999 Ward Nasse Gallery New York, NY
1998 International Print Biennale Sapporo, Japan 
1997 Livorno Art Gallery Livorno, Italy 
1997 International Print Biennale Kanagawa, Japan 
1996 L & B Contemporary Fine Art Barcelona, Spain
1995 Union of Bulgarian Artists Sofia, Bulgaria 
1993 Art Salon Johannesburg, South Africa 
1991 Du Pont Neuf Art Gallery Brussels, Belgium 
1990 Art Salon 'Between East and West' Rotterdam, Holland 
1987 Print Biennale Liege, Belgium
1987 Print Biennale Art Salon Varna, Bulgaria

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