Sheldon catches on quickly. His experience was evident from the first moments we began working on the project. He made the artwork aspect of my job look easy and made me look good in the process.


All I had to do was walk him through the premises, convey the client’s objectives in broad terms and stand back. He shortly presented a proposal for an art program that responded to all of the project’s needs, ranging from decorative requirements to branding and projection of an image to considerations of investment. He did this in a document that offered three distinct budgets, which also provided my client with a comfort level that permitted us to begin at once and complete the essential elements of the project in a timely fashion.


– Carol Syrnyk, Designstream


Sheldon has collaborated with me for over 20 years, supplying an expertise in the area of original artwork that I often rely upon. His social skills are what strikes me the most. Making decisions concerning artwork in residential interior design can be a delicate process, but he always seems to come up with a good solution for the particular situation. He works together with me and my clients in a manner that combines careful listening, good taste and respect for clients’ budgets. I will often schedule this important part of the interior design scope of work around his availability, to ensure the optimum result.


– Connie Braemer, Connie Braemer Design


Sheldon looked at the aesthetics of the new Health & Wellness Centre from a broad perspective and strategically allocated the art budget to produce the maximum long-term benefits for all of the stakeholders, including the broader community.

In one particular instance, rather than spreading limited resources over a large area, he chose to ensure that patients and visitors alike would encounter a memorable architectural-scale public art installation. He oversaw the design, fabrication and installation of a large and complex piece which is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the new complex.


– Elizabeth Difrangia, MHPM Project Managers (formerly RCG Incorporated)


My wife and I were stuck trying to find the perfect piece for our living room. Several times, I had what I thought was the perfect piece, only to have it vetoed. Then the process started going the other way, with my wife making proposals that I wasn’t happy with. Sheldon brought his experience to bear in a most engaging way, and helped us to restore an elusive peace back to our deliberations, guiding us through a process that resulted in our both being satisfied in the end.


– J.B., residential client


Where to begin? He worked with us to place the works, installed them securely, (pointing out in the process various framing errors that potentially saved us thousands of dollars in future damage), re-framed several pieces of good art which had been hiding behind outdated or inappropriate framing and was just so helpful that the whole process – which we had been dreading – was thoroughly enjoyable. We cannot recommend him too highly.


– L.R., residential client